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What is CBCT?

1. Specifically dedicated imaging of maxillofacial imaging.
2. A digital x-ray scanner mounted on a rotating arm.
3. Cone Beam - X-rays are divergent forming a cone-shaped beam.

Patient Preparation

1. Remove anything that may interfere with the imaging (Metal objects, jewelry, eyeglasses, hairpins)
2. Remove hearing aids and removable dental work.
3. Inform if there is any possibility of pregnant (Women).

Advantages of CBCT

1. Extremely useful for evaluating bone.
2. Provides a number of potential advantages for maxillofacial imaging compared with conventional CT.
3. X-ray beam limitation; can adjust to scan small regions (ROI).
4. Rapid scan time ;7 to 30 seconds.
5. Dose reduction; reduced up to 98% compared to conventional fan beam CT.
6. Image accuracy; data captured in voxel, allows reformatted images.
7. Reduced image artifact; reduced motion artifacts.

Applications of CBCT

1. 3-D observation of overall oral/facial bony characteristics.
2. Surgical guide fabrication for implant placement.
3. 3-D observation of teeth for endodontic diagnosis and treatment.
4. Diagnosis and treatment of tooth impactions.
5. Identification for inferior alveolar nerve and mental foramen location.

What Can We Do With CBCT

1. 2D Program
i. OPG, Bitewing
ii. TMJ
iii. Sinus
iv. Cephalometric Analysis

2. 3D Program
i. 3D Dental for children & adult; Tooth, Teeth, Jaw, Face.
ii. 3D Ear, Nose, Throat-Nose, Sinus, Airways, Middle Ear, Temporal Bone, Vertebrae