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Our Rehabilitation Centre offers a comprehensive and quality treatment for patients with illness or disabilities to improve and regain gross & fine motor functions and enhance quality of life. We provide active rehabilitation not only to improve lost functions and for pain management but also in psychosocial dysfunctions through selected therapeutic activities.



Physiotherapy plays an active role for patients with pain & physical impairment. We listen to and respect patient's value, adapt the interventions to meet patient's need & enables patient to make informed decisions.

Our objectives are:

To regain and improve physical functions.
To enhance patient's quality of life.
To provide pain management.
To offer patient education.

What does Physiotherapist offer?

Rehabilitation for sports injury patients.
Spinal cord injury rehabilitation.
Post operation rehabilitation such as shoulder arthroscopy, post ACL reconstruction of knee, total hip/knee replacement etc.
Back & neck care & exercises.
Soft tissue manipulation & manual therapy.
Rehabilitation for elderly.
Rehabilitation for stroke & other neurological conditions.
Physio ball exercises.
Chest physiotherapy & breathing techniques.
Gait training
Ante & post natal exercises.

Conditions that would benefit from Physiotherapy:

Degenerative joint diseases (eg. osteoarthritis etc).
Soft tissue or muscle injuries.
Sport injuries (eg sprains, strains, ACL tear etc).
Pre & post operation (eg. post ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement etc).
Respiratory conditions.
Strokes & other neurological conditions.
Paediatric problems.
Spinal cord injury.
Post fracture rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist, a professional who is directly involved in comprehensive healthcare and rehabilitation programmes for people with physical or psychological problems resulting in temporary or permanent disablement.

Our objectives are:

To help those with physical and psychosocial problems.
To promote independency in daily life.
To enhance quality of life.

What does Occupational Therapist offer?

Hand function training
Early intervention programme
Activity of daily living training
Cognitive & attention training
Fine & gross motor training
Sensory integration treatment
Oral-facial muscle training
Visual perception training
Social interaction skills training (Group therapy)
Behavioural modification
Pressure garments
Sensory stimulations
Stress management
Pre & post prosthesis training

Conditions that would benefit from occupational therapy:


Head injury
Neurological disorder
Hand injury
Tendon repair

Special Children

Developmental delay
Cerebral palsy
Down syndrome
Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
Autism and related disorder
Learning disorder
Sensory integration dysfunction
Behavioural problems
Sucking & swallowing problems

You can be assured that you will receive the best care at the highest level of convenience. At LohGuanLye SPECIALISTS CENTRE, you will find the caring and comprehensive Rehabilitation Team that ensures quality patient outcome.