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What is Psychological Medicine?

Psychological Medicine (or Psychiatry) is a specialized field of medicine which deals with mental health.
It involves managing all types of mental disorders, including emotional and behavioural problems. It aims to make the individuals well, and to achieve one's best abilities in life.

Why is Psychological Medicine so important?

- Life pressures are increasing in this hectic world which leads to STRESS.
- Unmanaged stress, coupled with other biological, psychological and environmental factors, can cause MENTAL PROBLEMS.
- Mental problems can impair an individual's academic, career and relationship, i.e. reducing the QUALITY OF LIFE.
- If untreated, it will lead to prolonged suffering, many medical illnesses and even loss of lives.

Individuals having these problems should seek professional help:

Anxiety - Panic attacks, excessive worries, chest discomfort/pain, unable to breathe normally, fainting, repetitive thoughts or actions
Depressive - Constant sadness, unable to sleep, poor appetite, inattentiveness, lethargy, body pains and aches, feeling of hopelessness, suicidal thoughts
Schizophrenia & other psychosis - Hearing voices, talking to oneself, extreme suspiciousness, paranoid ideas, abnormal behaviour, violence
Sleep - Unable to sleep, interrupted sleep, wakes up too early, nightmares, sleep walking
Eating - Refuse to eat, episodes of binging and vomiting after food, excessive fear about body weight, worry about body-image
Alcohol & drugs misuse - Dependency and addiction, abnormal behaviour and mood due to alcohol/drugs
Sexual - Erectile dysfunction, infertility, issues of sexual orientation
Somatoform - Multiple physical (bodily) complaints, persistent pain
Other Medical Diseases - Providing counselling for CANCER, STROKE, HEART DISEASE, HIV (+) and other patients

The doctor also helps the children and the elderly

CHILDREN must be guided in these areas too:
- School refusal
- Autistic spectrum disorders
- ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)
- Conduct and behavioural problems

Special care must be given to the ELDERLY:
- Dementia (e.g. Alzheimer, post-stroke)
- Confusion
- Depression/Anxiety following medical diseases such as stroke, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and others

Services at Psychological Medicine Clinic:

Our hospital provides a holistic approach in managing mental health issues including:
- Assessment
- Diagnosis
- Investigation (blood tests, CT-brain, MRI-brain)
- Treatment with medicine
- Treatment with psychotherapies (e.g. counselling)

Our team of mental health experts includes the Consultant Psychiatrist, who works closely with our Educational & Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Counselor, Rehabilitation team and other medical disciplines. We provide an exclusive and private set-up for your comfort and personal needs.