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26 Apr 2014 (Sat) 9AM - 4PM
Autism Awareness Day Activities - Free Admission
5th - 6th May 2014
We welcome participants from both public and private hospitals
Health Talk on 8th Mar, 22nd Mar & 29th Mar
Cancer Awareness Month with Love, Hope & Strength
1st Feb - 15th Apr FREE Fertility Counselling
IVF Test Tube Baby Promotional Package
Now Available
Lighting up your path to recovery
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Transforming 3T Productivity


LohGuanLye SPECIALISTS CENTRE is often featured in magazine and newspaper. Find out what they have to say.

Title/Subject Author
Treating Lumbar Slipped Disc Dr Soon Hock Chye
Trying for a Dragon Year Baby Dr M.Devindran
Echocardiogram: Window of the Heart Dr Goh Teck Hwa
Sperm Banking LSC Senior Embryologist
Cancer Unit - Fighting Cancer with the Best in Human Resources & Technology LSC Radiotherapy & Imaging Unit
Keyhole Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Using Knifelight Mr Goh Eng Tat
Endometriosis - A Growing Cause of Female Infertility Mr M Devindran
I Want To Get Pregnant - Understanding Fertility Mr Nicholas Loh
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Mr Soon Hock Chye
Mythbuster - Ear and Nose Diseases Mr Lim Seh Guan
The Power of PET-CT Dr Sunil Chopra
PR Bleeding - Blood in Stools Mr Lim Teik Mau

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