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Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

As our population matures, we become more aware of both the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that cause our image to appear older.

A great number of people are looking for ways to look more confident and to eradicate or minimize the inevitable ravages of time.

Services Available:

Surgical Treatment

Face Lifting
- Full face + neck lift
- Brow/forehead lift (Endoscopic forehead lift)
- Lower face and neck lift
There are a few types of face-lift operations, the older technique of lifting the skin give an unnatural tight look, however, newer techniques gives a more dramatic improvement, at the same time looking natural.
Upper Blepharoplasty/Double Eye Lids Operation
- To create the fold and remove excess skin & fat
- This also raises the eyelashes giving the eyes a brighter look
Lower Blepharoplasty/Removal of Eye-Bags
- Remove bags and excess skin from the eyelids
Ptosis/Sleepy Eyes Correction
- Tightening the muscle to correct the sleepy look
- It may involve using fascia harvested from the thigh if simple muscle tightening is not effective
Reshaping The Nose
- Augmentation with implant
- Refinement of tip
- Reduction of large nose
- Correction of crooked nose
Pinning Back Ears
- Ears which are sticking out attract attention and can be pinned back surgically to give a more normal look
Lip Refinement
- Lip reduction for large/thick lips
- Lip enhancement for thin lips
- The chin may be too small or big; this can be improved by performing a surgery on the chin either to make it bigger or smaller
- Silicone implant placed to make it bigger with better definition so that we look younger
- To give visible or prominent cheeks definition
- Adding bone or an implant to make them look higher and stronger hence a more youthful look, similarly this can enhance the cheeks
- Cheek bone reduction for large face individual

- It flattens specific parts of the body
LipoSelection is a new way to precisely and efficiently remove unwanted fat. An alternative to harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, LipoSelection uses state-of-the art ultrasound technology to reshape your body. LipoSelection procedure is to first liquefy and then remove fat from the body, providing smooth results. Patients report low to minimal pain, swelling and bruising.
Abdominalplasty/Tummy Tuck
- Removes the loose lax skin and excess fat from abdomen/tummy, it also tightens the tummy muscles, giving a curvier waist and flatter tummy.
The Thigh-Lift
- Removing folds of skin from thigh giving a slimmer thigh, especially for those who have just lost a lot of weight.
Arm Reduction
- This is about the same as for thigh reduction.

For many women being confident, alive and vibrant goes hand in hand with looking their best. For thousands of women, achieving such confidence and personal satisfaction has come from choosing breast surgery such as:
- Enlarging breasts to make their bodies more proportional
- Reshaping and enlarging breasts that have lost shape due to improper breast feeding technique
- Balancing breast that differ in size or shape
- Reducing large breasts that cause difficulty in dressing, backache and tiredness

Your reasons are very personal, and your decisions about your breasts should be made by you and your consultant specialist based on your personal needs, desires and expectations
Breast Augmentation
- This involves putting an implant underneath the breast tissue to make the breast bigger.
- All implants consist of a silicone bag containing silicone gel or normal saline. The silicone bag is very durable hence the likelihood of rupture/bursting while traveling in an aeroplane is merely a joke.
Making Breast Smaller
- To give a more natural appearance and easier dressing for female or male. The breast is made smaller by taking out some tissue from the breast and reshape it so as to create a natural looking breast.
Removal of Accessory Breast Near Armpit/Second Breast
- Better look for sleeveless dressing.
Perking up Breast/Breast Lifting/Mastopexy
- Ptosis nipple or sagging breast.
This involves lifting up the nipple, pulling up the breast tissue and reducing the amount of skin. In some cases, an implant may be needed. This procedure will make the breasts look younger.
Reconstruction after Mastectomy
This involves recreation of a breast after it has been removed. There are a few methods of doing this, namely:
- Using simple breast implant
- Using a balloon (tissue expander) to get skin expansion and then replace it with an implant.
- Using tissues from patients' back or tummy
Inverted Nipples Correction & Nipple Reduction
- To create a new image for the nipple
- Making a nipple that projects out, shorter and smaller

Emergency Surgery

Traumatic wounds
- Laceration wound
- Abrasion wound
- Cut

Facial bones fracture surgery
- Fixation
- Reconstruction

- Acute burns such as flame burns, water scalds, gas explosion burns, burn reconstruction & etc

Other Services

- Removal of skin lesion
- Surgery for skin cancer in the head, face, neck and oral cavity
- Correction of deformities
- Cleft lip and palate repair
- Correction of split ear lobe
- Scar revision or improvement

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